By Steven Nuwagira
2 Years ago

Meet Herbert Bashasha – Ntare’s Iconic Midfielder in the 90’s

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Herbert Bashasha, one of the first two inductees in the Ntare Lions League Hall of Fame is affiliated to Team Abazibu, which happens to be amongst the top teams in the league (season 9 champions) and has some of the oldest players in the league. Professionally, Bashasha is currently working with City Tyres as the Marketing Manager.

Just like other players in the league, Bashasha’s football journey was greatly influenced by Ntare School where he pursued his studies from 1991-1996 for both his O and A Level. While talking about his football journey at the school, Bashasha noted that he started serious soccer as early as senior one when he was spotted by the school’s Games Master then, Mr. Barigye Richard.

Bashasha achieved his biggest sports milestone in senior three when he was called to play for the school team as the official midfielder (8). While putting soccer and education at the forefront of his focus, the determined Bashasha managed to become the school’s team captain in senior four and later became one of the Ntare’s outstanding sports prefects.

“I gained the first team position as the school’s number 8 and that’s when post primary qualifications, and inter-school friendlies kicked in. I remember I never missed any match and I was not prone to injuries. I remember I got my first injury in my final year that was senior six. In S.4, that’s when I became the captain for the football team, by then, I was mature enough and guys were looking up to me.” Bashasha narrates.

His life after Ntare

After completing his A’Level, Bashasha joined Makerere University Business School (MUBS) where he also made it to the university team. During his first year at MUBS, Bashasha joined Express FC in the Super League pre-season.

“Surprisingly, I was the only un-clubbed player on the MUBS team. All the other players in the first eleven had clubs and it was KCC, Express, Villa. So in my first year, I was approached by Express. I joined Express and I trained with them for the pre-season” Bashasha narrates.

However, at the start of the season, Bashasha changed his mind and turned down all requests from clubs that wanted him to play in Super League in a bid to concentrate on his studies. According to Bashasha, he was only playing football for fun and he was not ready for Super League football.

“Before the beginning of the season, I was like I think I’m not ready for Super League football in Uganda. By the way that’s how I missed out on playing for all these clubs.” Bashasha says.

“All the guys could not believe this but I play soccer for fun. How should I say this? I didn't see too much progress in Ugandan football at that time.” Bashasha narrates why he chose books over football.

Bashasha continued to play football just for fun and fitness even after securing his first job.

His role in Ntare Lions League

Bashasha was inducted in the Ntare Lions League Hall of fame following his outstanding performance in Ntare School and his tremendous contribution to the Lions League as a committee member. When he was approached by the brains behind the league, Bashasha vowed to support the idea by joining forces to see how Ntare OBs can remain fit and close to each other, even after decades outside school.

“All I know we can keep fit, every Sunday you can come and run for 30 minutes. After a hectic weekend, it is good for physical keep up. So I embraced the idea and I remember I have been on the committee but at least I have to make sure I become part of it. I’m happy it has grown and at least every edition it shows some improvement.” Bashasha talks about steady improvement of the league.

On his vision for the league, Bashasha would like the number of teams in the Ntare Lions League increased as well as increasing on the number of editions annually. Bashasha also proposes that a good team from the Ntare Lions League should be selected to compete in the Uganda Super League. 

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