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The Ntare Lion’s League is Uganda’s premier Sunday soccer league, bringing together alumni of Ntare School. Founded on the rich 60+ year heritage of our esteemed institution, the league serves as a dynamic platform for Old Boys to reconnect, network, and engage in spirited competition. Our mission is to foster community, promote physical fitness, and celebrate the enduring bonds formed at Ntare School. Join us to relive the camaraderie of your school days and be part of this exciting and vibrant community initiative.

Ntare Lions League Teams

Our 17 Teams: Unity, Competition, and Camaraderie on the Field


The Ntare Lions League is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for Ntare School alumni. Our mission focuses on reconnecting Old Boys, promoting physical health, facilitating networking, and celebrating our rich heritage.Reconnect and Unite We aim to reconnect Ntare School alumni through the love of soccer, providing a platform for Old Boys to strengthen old friendships and forge new ones. By participating in the league, alumni can share experiences and rekindle the camaraderie that defined their school years.Promote Physical Health and Well-being We are committed to promoting well-being through regular sporting activities. Our weekly matches offer an enjoyable way for alumni to stay active, improve fitness, and engage in friendly competition, enhancing both physical health and emotional well-being.Facilitate Professional Networking The league serves as a valuable networking platform, bringing together alumni from diverse professional backgrounds. This creates opportunities for career growth, mentorship, and collaboration, as the shared experience of playing in the league builds trust and rapport.Celebrate Rich Traditions and Heritage We celebrate the legacy of Ntare School by upholding its values of excellence, integrity, and camaraderie. Our events and activities honor the school's history while creating new traditions for future generations of alumni to cherish.Join us in fostering a spirit of camaraderie, competition, and community among Ntare School alumni.