“Ab’Enshaka thought that it was just a name, kumbe it’s the reality. They came to the league to catch the early worm kumbe they are the worm.” Remarked Edmundo Ataremwa of Kafubz FC, whose experience as an early ‘bird’ was all his team needed to finish off the stubborn Enshaka FC (the worm, in this case.)

Enshaka FC, the latest addition to the league and the youngest cohort, are facing a tough journey to find their maiden victory. After completing 11 rounds, they’re still searching for that elusive win. With only two points to their name, their struggle mirrors the challenges that Mugudu FC have been facing for seasons.

Once a powerhouse, Season 2 champions now languishes in a slump, a stark departure from their glory days. The team has been consistent over the seasons consistently finishing in the bottom position season in, season out. Over the weekend, however, Mugudu managed to secure a 2-1 victory over Kashoro moving them two places above Shimba and Enshaka.

Adding an intriguing layer to the league narrative is SC Shimba, grappling with a staggering -31 goal difference. With only 4 points to their name, their woes escalate with each passing game week. Having conceded 12 goals against Kalele in the previous weekend, the team even had to concede a walkover to Kanchachali in the latest fixture.

Yet, amid the challenges, the spirit of Enshaka, Mugudu, and Shimba endures. These teams continue to show up on game days, embodying the essence of the league. In a league where networking takes center stage, the commitment of these teams to the game, even in their toughest times, deserves recognition.

In other results over the weekend, Machando’s 2-0 loss to Kabali reduced their chances of making it to the final, TY Omujuma tightened their grip at the top of the table with the 1-0 victory over Kisyanga, Nturi’s winning streak continued after emerging 1-0 winners over Abashweki, and Nshera sent Jabulani into depression with a 2-0 win.