Season 7 champions FC Kabali will never forget 02.02.2020! One other person that may never stop being haunted by that date is their seasoned centre back Kururagyire Hillary alias Uncle Gudus. It was on the latter’s watch that SC Jabulani (Class of 2016) put a record 9 goals past their goal keeper in a very ruthless show of networking.

By the final whistle, Uncle Gudus, Virgil Van Guma and the entire Kabali FC back line had lost count of the goals and first thought the final time score was 11-0, only to be consoled that they were just 9 and that they had also managed to score one which brought the score to 9-1. The brothers had forgotten that they even scored.

“The League has been treated to yet another a argy-baggy, rhubarb and shindy episode of the haranguing, polemic bopping and walloping of former league champions by commoners. Quite ignominious and inglorious it was that such boorish and ill-bred acts were executed at the close watchfulness of a defensive maestro like myself.” Kururagyire told this website in a phone interview.

The self proclaimed virgin defender is currently in hiding and could not say yes to our earlier requests for a personal interview, saying he is out of town and very busy at the moment.

In the other results, Omujuma extended their losing streak by letting in 4 goals versus Kajogo, well after they had opened the score in the first minutes of the game. Machando lost 5-3 to nine man Kalele, former champions Nshera lost 2-1 against season favorites Abashweki and Ebicuncu had a goal fest against Kachanchali.

More game week updates will be published as they come in.