Machando’s “Gift of Kazo” Enters Week 2 of Suffering for ‘Disrespecting’ Elder Moze

Machando youngster Allan Ainebyoona alias Gift of Kazo has entered Week 2 of his 40 Days of Suffering as a punishment inflicted onto him for disrespecting the team Captain Mozes Asiimwe in Game Week 2 of NLL while they faced Kajogo FC.

In a very rare show of disrespect and mockery, Gift of Kazo, allegedly shouted at Mozes to chase the ball after Machando lost possession in the 2nd minute of their game. This website has learned that he shouted at Moze to chase the ball and retrieve it in a way that he (Moze) and Machando ultras deemed very unfit coming from a yanga.

“Gwe Moze, ngobelerawo awo ku mupiira.” He screamed.

It is reported that Mozes did not even wait for the ball to go out of play and immediately called for a substitution after just two seconds of play. That was all the game action Gift of Kazo would get that Sunday. Our Snoops say he miserably waited to be put back in in vain – even as Machando struggled to see off a rejuvenated Kajogo FC.

His struggles continued on GW3 when Moze took him out of his striking position and started him in goal. According to inside sources in Machando, Moze is intent on disciplining the youngster never to disrespect an elder like that.

“Gift of Kazo, I want you to learn a lesson. By the end of these punishments, the ten plagues, you will understand why the Pharaoh begged Israeli slaves to accept freedom and leave Egypt.” Moze was overheard saying in their half time talk last Sunday.

Fellow Machando players are in total support of Moze’s rather crude reaction to a very simple matter. While showing support for his actions, Machando right back Beta Beta said that Gift of Kazo should emulate fellow yangas like Titus and Kante if he wants to smell another minute in the game.

“Gift of Kazo needs to know who is boss. He can learn a thing or two from Titus or Kante. When they score a goal, instead of celebrating they run to Moze and thank him for giving them a chance to come to Kampala and play football.” Beta told our reporters.

With two punishments served out of the total ten plagues that Moze has promised, we await to see what he will do to the youngster on GW4.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sarcastic take. It doesn’t represent true events. It is purely for entertainment purposes.

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    Can Kabali reach kigali finale without you beating us shoe?

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